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Bringing a puppy into your home and heart is a very exciting and rewarding experience. However, it is an experience which is full of responsibilities.


As a new puppy owner there are lots of things you should know about and familiarise yourself with before bringing your puppy home. From what the puppy's welfare needs are to the puppy's feeding regime. From “am I going to crate train my puppy, or not” to “how long is it okay to leave my puppy alone for” and much more.


The Animal Welfare Act (section 9) sets out clearly, the legal responsibilities for all dog owners. Owners need to provide their dogs with:

  • a suitable environment

  • a suitable diet

  • the ability to display normal dog behaviour

  • companionship for the dog when required

  • protection from injury and disease, pain and suffering.


Part of the process of becoming a responsible dog owner is firstly to acknowledge if you (your family, your home and garden and your lifestyle) are indeed suited to the happy and healthy upbringing of a young pup. Then you have to research to find out which breed of dog you are best suited to.


Having decided on a breed (or perhaps a few breeds) you now have to find a good breeder. That alone can be a daunting challenge. You also need to be aware what you should expect from a good breeder and be prepared with all the right questions to ask the breeder.


There are many financial elements to consider before bringing a puppy home – it's not just the cost of buying the puppy, there is also:

  •  feeding the puppy

  •  vet bills if your pet is ill

  •  initial vaccination course and annual, routine vaccinations

  •  insurance premiums

  •  routine parasite treatments all year round

  •  toys, bedding, collars, leads etc

  •  and many other associated costs


There are also many practical aspects to consider too including:

  • having sourced and registered with a reliable vet

  • what behaviours you may expect from the new puppy

  • how to set the puppy up for success

  • puppy proofing your home and garden

  • how to house train your puppy

  • having safe cleaning products for when your puppy is being toilet trained.

  • how to teach your puppy 'alone time' is fun.....and so much more!


If you would like to arrange a pre puppy consultation for advice, please get in touch.


Costs from £45 plus travel.

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