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Most of us, when we bring our puppies home, have great plans for what we will be able to do with our puppies as they are growing up and once they are mature adults.


In order to take your dog places and have him happy and relaxed, well behaved and sociable, he requires a thorough combination of appropriate socialising and manners training. This can be achieved through group classes, however group classes do not necessarily suit every puppy or every person. Some dogs and people are just not comfortable in a group setting. Some puppies can appear very shy - perhaps not having had the initial socialising and confidence building that breeders today are encouraged to give their litters. Some breeds of dogs are less well suited to a group class environment and fair much better in a 1-2-1 setting in a familiar environment like their own home.


Whatever the reason is, if you would prefer a 1-2-1 session for you and your puppy, please get in touch. Puppies can and do learn from 3 weeks of just think of all the habits that your puppy already has on board when you bring him home at 8 weeks of age!!


During the initial 1-2-1 session, which will last for 2 hours, the discussion can include things like:

  • your puppy's behaviour in general, including his/her emotional well being.

  • your individual puppy's educational and training needs

  • different life stages he/she will go through

  • some of the training/behaviour pitfalls you may come across

  • what the law says about dogs.

  • certain behaviours

  • house training

  • specific training

  • biting/mouthing

  • jumping up

  • inappropriate chewing

  • or whatever behaviour/training issues you feel you would like advice for


There will be demonstrations and coaching of basic training techniques and (especially useful for less experienced owners) an explanation of how dogs learn and causes of undesirable behaviours. You will be provided with printed handouts, to support the training techniques recommended. You will also receive a comprehensive, detailed report covering all the subjects discussed during the 1-2-1 session and there will be additional information included.


The cost of this service is £95 plus mileage at 45p per mile and you are required to pay this at the time of the 1-2-1 session.

Further 1-2-1 sessions can be arranged from 1 hour upwards. Price on application plus mileage.

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