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Hello, I am Mary Howat - a Certified Animal Behaviourist, a member of the International Canine Behaviourists (ICB), a member of the UK Dog Behaviour & Training Charter, a Certified Elite Fear Free Professional and the founder and owner of K9INTUITION

I feel extremely lucky to have spent my entire life in the company of dogs of several different breeds. As a wee girl, I could always be found out in the garden playing with one of our family dogs. My mother often told the story of wondering where I had disappeared to one day ( I was about 4 years old at the time) and when mum looked outside she saw Kym, our golden retriever, lying on the ground, with a very puzzled expression on his face, trying to chew one end of his very large bone......and me attempting to chew the other end!! 

I have always been involved with the training of family and friends dogs and through this developed a keen interest in dog behaviour. Over a number of years I studied dog behaviour academically through the Animal Care College in Ascot and particularly through Compass Education and Training in Dumfries. Although important to have practical hands on experience, I believe it is equally important to have the science based, academic knowledge in dog behaviour and training to back this up. It is also a necessary responsibility to ensure that knowledge is continually being up dated. I do this mainly by attending courses and webinars, and reading. 

My special interest lies in improving dog and owner bond through play, motivation and kindness. The foundation of all good training and therefore good behaviour, is the bond between dog and owner.


I do not use force when training dogs. I do not incite fear when training dogs. I am committed to teaching positive reward based training, as I believe this is paramount, not only for success in training your dog but for your dog's overall welfare.

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